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K-12 Employees

Education Professionals

We understand the unique financial planning opportunities available to Ohio’s K-12 educators and university professors.

As an Ohio educator, we’re here to help you retire when and how it works for you. Together, we can develop a cash flow plan by examining your institution's employee benefits package and savings options. When you’re ready to retire, we will be there to help you make that transition.

Supporting you in creating a customized financial plan by:

  • Providing support for the Ohio Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP).
  • Providing a complimentary Educator's Financial Analysis.
  • Educating you about your 403b, 457 and Defined Benefit programs and investment options.
  • Explaining how to leverage Supplemental retirement plans, as a compliment to your Defined Benefit plan.
  • Helping you create a long term plan toward meeting your retirement objectives.
  • Meeting with you to review your progress.
  • Providing asset allocation assistance-- based on your lifestyle, age, years to retirement and market conditions.
  • Counseling you on transitioning from accumulating assets, to withdrawing income in retirement.
  • Discussing your distribution options and portability.

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